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Here’s what they say about THE BLUE LADY, the new book by Bob May.

“The fictional town of Magnolia Station in Bob May’s THE BLUE LADY echoes some similarities to the town where he and I grew up, but his rambunctious imagination has repopulated our town with an outlandish accumulation of colorful characters unlike the people I knew—- hoboes and kluckers, Russian spies, and even a Voodoo priestess. It’s a romping tall tale, full of fun and fast action with serious social context. You’ll be surprised how he manages to deftly untangle the mess these characters create.”

Kent Prince
Veteran Newsman
Associated Press (42 Years)

“Bob May’s book THE BLUE LADY is a cross between Harper Lee’s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and Mark Twain’s ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER. In my opinion I think he wrote the perfect book.”

Tom McDonald
Chicago Public Schools (35 Years)

“Growing up in the South in the 1950s, I could definitely relate to the mood portrayed in Bob May’s book THE BLUE LADY. His small town background provided a rich foundation for the story’s setting in Mississippi. Characters like Lil’ Doc and Mojo were hilariously true to life along with their youthful escapades! The story was well developed and kept my interest throughout. Events described were accurate to the attitudes of the times and may surprise some of the younger readers not familiar with the Deep South culture. Bob’s book is truly a work of the heart and provides many evenings of enjoyment!”

Donna Ritter

“Thematically provocative yet semantically delicate throughout a slew of humorous calamities which led to a satisfying culmination! THE BLUE LADY is a delicious read!”

Stephen Champagne