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The Blue Lady


Bob May newest book is called THE BLUE LADY and it is a page-turning scorcher!

It’s a fictional novel about two twelve- year-old boys, one Black, one White. The two are close friends and live in a small southern town. The year is 1959, a crucial time in America, when massive societal transformation is taking place. The boys befriend an old homeless man who lives in a transient camp just outside their hometown. Everything changes! The hobo’s secret past catches up with him and brings Voodoo Black magic, international assassins, a bank break-in, betrayal, as well as the Ghost of THE BLUE LADY into the story. The two youngsters find themselves smack in the middle!

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According to Bob:

In the case of THE BLUE LADY I started out to write a “Thriller” novel and, in fact, it is a real Thriller. However, like writers do, I shared a few passages with family and friends of family. My “preview audience” varied widely in age, race, educationally, etc. but I quickly learned that, universally, all the teens and young adults flipped out over it. It became very clear that THE BLUE LADY is a book that fits into the Young Adult Fiction genre and will be featured as such on shelves at book stores.

This is a book you should gift to all the Young Adults you know. I think you’ll like it, too!


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