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Have fun, dammit!


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This was Bob’s first book and it features stories Bob wrote while care-giving his father, a man in his 90’s. Bob’s son, Brian, a Down syndrome man, often came to visit in the old family home in a small Mississippi town. The family dog provides welcomed companionship for each of them. It’s a warm, compelling, laugh-out-loud read for everyone, especially for those who endure caring for the elderly, or disabled folk, and even dogs!

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40 million Baby Boomers care for aging parents and millions of families watch over Down Syndrome kin. At some point, most families deal with issues involving special needs, short and long term memory loss, degrees of dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. This book is written for them.

“Have fun, dammit!” is a humorous guide to putting up with parents, kids and pets! The best recommendation for this book is that many of those who purchased this book have come back and purchased additional copies as gifts.

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6 reviews for Have fun, dammit!

  1. Pat S.

    You face demanding situations thru a different lens and make the hard work of care-giving seem palatable and worthwhile for all.

  2. Don A.

    Your joyful passages about your Down syndrome son make me want to be like him!

  3. Joyce Y.

    Very funny but also teaches many great life lessons.”

  4. Becky L.

    I like your home-spun descriptions about coping with tough circumstances.

  5. Meia V.

    “Have Fun Dammit” is a complete winner, completely!

  6. Marcia H.

    If Lewis Grizzard and Pat Conroy had a baby — well, yes, it would be quite the miracle, that miracle would be named Bob May. “Have fun, dammit!” is hilarious, warm-hearted, witty, and a fine example of just plain good old Southern story tellin’. And you must buy this book if for no other reason than to keep Bob’s son Brian supplied with ketchup for his pancakes.

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