Media Inquiries

Need a great guest to interview? What about Bob?

Bob May is a perfect guest for your audience.  He tackles the sensitive subject of racial relations with dignity and humor.  Drawing a parallel between America in the 1950’s and today, Bob shares stories that illustrate how much things haven’t changed during the past six decades.  Using excerpts from his recent books, Bob offers thought provoking ideas and helpful suggestions on ways we can work through the challenging times we face today.  If your readers, viewers, listeners want to know how we can stop wars, lose weight, eliminate stress, and survive without any ketchup in the house, Bob is your guy!

If needed, he’ll send you a guide listing things to ask him about.

Bob May in a born story-teller who loves all media, print, broadcast, new media, social  media, cereal box ads, and sky writing.  He’s available around the clock and would be proud to appear without anything more than a plug for his most sexy website:

Bob lives in New Orleans, a split-by-the-Mississippi, Big Easy, coolinary, jazzy, boozy town, so he fits in well.  Call him at 417-350-0597 or fire off an email to:

Your fans will love you for it.