Book Descriptions

This is Bob’s first book, and it features stories Bob wrote while care-giving his father, then in his 90’s, Bob’s son, Brian, a Down syndrome man, often came to visit in the old family home in a small Mississippi town. The family dog provided welcomed companionship for each of them.  It’s a warm, compelling, laugh-out-loud read for everyone, especially for those who endure caring for the elderly, disabled folk, and even dogs!  It makes a terrific gift, too.

It’s a novel about two twelve-year-old boys, one Black, one White.  The two are close friends and live in a small southern town. The year is 1959, a crucial time in America, when massive societal transformation is taking place. The boys befriend an old homeless man who lives in a transient camp just outside their hometown. Everything changes! The hobo’s secret past catches up with him and brings Voodoo Black Magic, international assassins, a bank break-in, betrayal, and also the Blue Lady into the story. The two youngsters find themselves smack in the middle.